I’m retiring the name First Degree Coffee. I’ve never totally been sold on the name but I couldn’t think of anything better so I went with it. It’s sort of, I don’t know, clumsy? I also think that having worked in the Göteborg coffee scene as much as I have I just felt that the role I hope to continue to play needs a bit more “edge.” That’s not a word I like to use but its used widely enough that when it’s used, you know what’s trying to be conveyed.

Anyway, I think No Wave Coffee Co. fits the current state of the industry in that we’ve been in the Third Wave (unofficially) for about a decade and while there have been many changes within the industry, the “third wave” tag still applies. My friend Brian Jones likes to use the term “progressive coffee” and I think that’s more appropriate. It suggests that from the service side, baristas, coffee shop owners, roasters and buyers we are creating, discovering and/or re-discovering new ways to share our passion for coffee.

No Wave sounds more “aggressive” or “confrontational” if you will. Which is exactly what the coffee culture could use a bit more of. A lot of coffee shops have developed a lot of bad habits and seem far too willing to only serve what they think people are used to. On the other side of the counter I see a customer base that also seems far too willing to drink what’s served and not demand something different.

I’m the American, I’m supposed to be brash, arrogant and cocky. Those who know me know I’m really not any of those things but I do like a challenge and I’m extremely stubborn. Hopefully that’s something that can be turned into an advantage for the Gothenburg coffee scene.

Stay tuned