DMV Coffee

Peregrine Espresso hosted last week’s TNT at their newest location on 14th St.  I didn’t think it would be possible to push that many people into their space, but it was packed.  We had a full bracket with new faces, old faithfuls, and Team Tryst who brought the party once again.  Oh and Peregrine won their 3rd straight TNT, no big deal.  Travis Becket claimed his second win in three months and helped Peregrine continue their recent hot streak.   Below we have Anna from Filter, Miguel from Peregrine, and Reggie all the way from Sweden donating some da Matteo coffee for the winners.


Our three judges included Miss Kristen Powell (long time DC coffee pro), Meredith Taylor (Peregrine 14th), and Jonathan Riethmaier (District Bean).  Quite the all star cast if you ask me.  If you’ve never been to Jonathan’s website…

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