These three words popped in my head yesterday and I have not been able to shake them. It’s kind of a silly phrase but…I like it. 

I don’t know what it I should do with the phrase. Should change the name of this blog? Should I change the name of my company? 

Here’s what I have been leaning towards: perhaps “Up With Coffee!” is some kind of a rallying cry or slogan. A slogan for those of us who work in the coffee industry. A slogan for those of us who simply really love quality coffee. Perhaps “Up With Coffee!” is the point in which we draw a line in the sand between the passionate coffee enthusiasts who really care about what goes into the cup and those that just desire caffeine and don’t care about the taste, where its sourced, when it was roasted, etc.

Up With Coffee!

I’ll let this marinate a bit but, I just had to put the idea out there. 

This image was shared in the comments section but I think it’s an amazing image so I’ll link to it right here in the post. Talk about “up” with coffee!