So I actually did manage to get to Marmelad on Friday. Oh man. I’d say the only thing that really sucks about Kafé Marmelad is that’s all the way over in bloody Majorna. Other than geography I would say that Kafé Marmelad has to be considered one of the best in the city. Present (and previous) employer(s) aside, I would dare say that overall, Marmelad IS the best café in the city. The serve really good coffee — Johan & Nyström — judging by the wall o’ trophies they appear to have a very talented and knowledgeable staff and the layout of the cafe is pure dynamite.

There are three levels of seating with the coolest by far being the lower level. When I got to the café I really had to, as the locals say, “borrow the toilet” (Google translate “låna toaletten” and tell me what you get.) The barista on duty directed me down the spiral staircase* to the downstairs lounge area which is also where the bathroom was, which I didn’t even see at first. No problem, as looking for the restroom allowed me to see the rest of the immaculate downstairs seating area. Here are a few pics of said downstairs seating area:

Seriously though,  Marmelad is really the first Göteborgian coffee shop I’ve seen that absolutely nails that same vibe that so many coffee shops in college towns and/or big cities in the U.S. have down pat. They’ve opted to not go for the Old Italian thing or even the Old Swedish thing and have just gone for the coziest of atmospheres combined with a very high level of coffee competency AND their coffee menu is straightforward and not at all intimidating. The joint is furnished largely with a Danish 50’s art deco style seating and a warm and mellow lighting. For my DC peeps, I was trying to think of a comparable café and I suppose Tryst is as close as it gets and really that’s a stretch. Like much of Göteborg, Marmelad is a lot more Baltimore than it is DC so there may not even be a DC equivalent, however, I could see it being plopped down as is right in the middle of Hampden. When I was there they were pumping some blues and soul (always a plus!) and it helped set just the right tone.

I’ll be honest, I have a serious big time crush on Kafé Marmelad.  They’ve seriously got it going on, they’re serious about coffee and at the same time the took considerable effort to make their cafe very inviting and comfortable. Despite the wall o’awards, there’s nothing at all that’s intimidating about Marmelad. Well maybe there was one thing. It’s just that even though Kafé Marmelad has a nice spacious restroom with a big ol’ changing station…how in the world do parents with babies get down to the restroom to use it? I’m not saying it’s impossible I’m just saying it ain’t the most stroller-friendly restroom in the world.

But I digress.

The bottom line is, Kafé Marmelad is an excellent café that would appeal equally to the coffee geek as it would to Joe Schmoe coffee drinker — or in this case — Johan Schmohan  kaffedrickare. Hejdå!

(These were the only photos I took but I think even in these the charm of Marmelad is apparent.)


If I were a regular, this would be my favorite spot!


*The best way to win me over as far as design goes is with a spiral staircase. You could have a staircase leading to nowhere and I’d still think it was awesome.

**UPDATE** Tyvärr, the spiral staircase is gone. However it’s been replaced by a much more parent-with-child friendly set of stairs that lead to the restroom and downstairs seating area.