So I got this here shiny new blog and now I have a tad bit of actual content!

After school today I decided to go check out a café I had been meaning to check for a while called Marmelad, located in Majorna. As the 3 tram made it’s way down Viktoriagatan, I noticed what looked like a fairly newish looking café called daNino So at the next stop I hopped off the tram and went back to where I spotted this new café. My phone didn’t have enough battery power to take any pictures so I’ll have to go back and — with their permission of course — snap some photos. It’s another Italian-style café, something in which there are an abundance of in Gothenburg, but with a very sleek and modern design. Gahh, I’m such a bad blogger I can’t even remember the name of the espresso machine all I know is that is was big, white and had a big bright light on the side. And despite its massive size I’m pretty sure the machine only had two groups. Anyway, when placing my order (cappucino and one of their panini sandwiches) I said to one of the owners that I’d never seen this place before. That’s when she told me that today was their opening day! I can’t say I was blown away by the coffee but the decor is pretty sleek. It reminded me of Bar Italia with a touch of daMatteo (especially in their choice of lettering for their logo.)

After wishing the owners “lycka till” I set back out on my course to find Marmelad. On the tram, again, heading to Majorna I happened to spot what looked to be another new café about a block away from Bengans/Espressobaren (my very first employers here in Sweden! Thanks Bosco!) called St. Germain. I made note of its location figuring I’d hit it on the way back from Marmelad. The only problem is Marmelad wasn’t where I thought it was! Instead there was Eva’s Pianobar. Oops. Of course I could have just asked someone but, well, you know how we do. However, I figured Marmelad is an established joint, though, and it will be there later. I just needed to figure out where “there” is. My curiosity, though, was focused solely on this St. Germain place. So that’s exactly where I went. I hopped back on the tram and went back to where THAT café was located and boy am I glad I did!

I was greeted, in English, by the shop’s owner Chris. This place was only a week or so older than da Nino. On top of that, Chris and his wife have only been in Gothenburg for about three months! They serve Eguale coffee, a good choice. The look of the place is the real winner, sporting a very arsty and warm look with black and white photos from Jean-Luc Godard’s ‘Breathless,’ well that’s the one I remember because it’s one of my favorite films ever.

They offered a few tasty looking sandwiches, croissants and your typical pastries. I only had a single espresso though as I’d just had a cappucino at my previous pit stop. If I could recommend one thing it’s this. They had a sign outside offering “Fair Trade Coffee” which, to be fair, is what they were selling. Yet what I wanted was a simple cup of coffee and the only thing they offered was the very typical Swedish “svart kop kaffe” which translates to, an Americano. I hate Americanos. Eguale makes really good coffee, so let customers experience that. Americanos are the blandest, most basic form of caffeine delivery available. It’s (intentionally!) watered down espresso. Blech. Buy some French presses and encourage customers to sit down, relax and enjoy what could be a very awesome establishment.

These two cafés, along with the breathtakingly stylish Castellet, seem to be pointing to a new wave of cafés that offer both style and substance. Even though daNina is another entry in the Italian-style cafe that dominates the scene here, at least it’s done with a very modern flair and gusto, it’s more Lamborghini than Lancia. I would imagine if St. Germain is able to establish a regular clientele they will do quite well in that part of the city. I would recommend, though, that they seriously consider buying some French Presses, Siphon Brewers or Chemexes and really allow the quality of the coffee they serve to shine through. DaMatteo aside, it’s actually quite hard to go to a coffee shop in this town and just have a good cup of coffee that isn’t a freaking Americano.

Just sayin’ is all.